Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a free to play Anime styled MMORPG browser based game that is set in the fairyland world with cute toon-styled characters. It is set in a magical world, where the game puts the players as adventurers and allows them to explore the thrilling story line and navigate the virtual world.

Call of Gods

Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods. You can play a role of yourself to finish challenges of one task and another. Also you may develop your castle and deploy your army force. This is the first combination of elements of RPG and SLG in browser-based games.


Ninjawaz is an anime-themed browser game. You’ll play the role of a ninja who is entrusted with a mission to defeat the most vicious and destructive evil forces.

Lord of Ages

Lord of Ages is a free-to-play, real-time construction and military simulation strategy browser-based game, set in the Medieval Times.

Fantasy of Sword

The Fantasy of Sword is a 2D flash browser-based massive RPG that features semi-real-time turn-based combat and the swordsman story.

Dragon’s Call

The Best Browser based RPG game with 3 of classes, Hundred’s of weapons to choose from , Simple and Fun game Play, Amazing PvE and PvP. let your Journey begin Now.

Legends of Xian, MMORPG

Legends of Xian is a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). It is a free browser game and requires no downloading. Legends of Xian is one of China’s most popular web games in 2010, adapted from Forgame’s Ming Dynasty. LOX is a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, adventure, and various styles. It is rich in combat and includes elements of war strategy. It is based on the genuine historic story of Xian. The player is taken back in time to where legends ruled the great empire of China. In the online game you will find intense PvP combat, all-out sieges, and mighty clan and state wars.

Form a clan, fight until victory is attained, and become ruler over the great empire of Ancient China. Embark on quests, trade items with other players in game, and even send flowers to your own favorite love interests, in this adventurous mmorpg browser game. Reign over your opponents and earn glory, honor, and rewards.  Meet and chat with other players in the chat room and use the games efficient mail system for more direct communication. This online game has an impressive variety of features and functions for you to discover.


Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is a game that puts players into the shoes of an entrepreneur that strives to create a successful business, and ultimately be the CEO and become a popular socialite.